GPS Tracking


Ideal for Quads, Trailers, Tractors and Lone Workers.

GPS Tracking is not only beneficial to goods… people can also benefit from electronic location pinpointing. Situations such as the elderly, people with alzheimers and children, even valuable pets… a very small but important device.

TRACKERS as they are commonly known are now available at low cost without a monthly fee. Simply top up your selected sim card that is fitted to your tracker.

We recommend the magnetic, portable tracking device.

Purchase Prices: £149 inc. vat. ( Single unit ), 2 units @ £139 inc. vat each, 3 units @ £132 inc. vat each. 

Tips: Whatever sim card you pick… have an online account so that you can top up and check your balance at any time… ask us for advice.


Magnetic Tracker Quick Guide 

 Magnetic Tracker User Manual

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