Farm Security Advice


Suggestions… Obtain a large recording book and / or diary.

This your ideal inventory so keep it in a safe place (such as a safe) and update it regularly and have it at hand if needed. 


Tools: List of all tools, from hand tools to small power tools, heavier workshop tools such as pedestal drills, welders etc. 

Consider marking each item with SelectaDNA.

Vehicles: Record all details of vehicles such as loading shovels, tele-porters and all tractors, taking engine numbers and chassis numbers, registration numbers and unique markings etc.

Also any details of all cars, vans, land rovers, trailers, horse / cattle boxes, quad bikes and put all into your record book. Contact your local Crime Prevention Officer to arrange yor Trailer / Horsebox marking.

Lock all gates and sheds when not in use during day and especially at night. Get your farm kitted out with one key padlocks, preferably closed shackle type… you can add more if needed.

Fit auto lighting for security and also your own convenience.  GUARDCAM is a market leading light with combined recording camera facility. Latest model has an internal warning sounder. Ideal for oil tank and farm yard protection.

Locate your vehicle keys in a safe place such as a centrally located point in the farm yard that houses a simple digital safe. A small digital safe is around £50. Get your staff familiar with your new security procedures. You can cahnge the access code regularly.

Be wary of vehicles coming into your area or onto your farm looking for scrap. They might be genuine, but always get the registration marking. Check it is a readable number plate and not hidden.

Note the number plate details along with description as well as time and location. This can be done by different staff members and logged separately in your activity diary.It could be very worthwhile later. They may be doing the “recce” for later in the week or even that night.  

Fit lane alarms. These can cover laneways within a 900 metre range of your farmhouse. Being wireless they are remote and can located in different points as required. Some farms have laneways that are seldom used making easy access for culprits.

Register with your local Farm Text Alert Scheme. This way you know what is going on where. It is not just crime details but also valuable crime prevention activities in your area which are normally free of charge. 

Get your trailers marked with your farm location. This helps identify trailers when on the move and it also works as a good deterent. Markings come in large painted form which are easily read and / or small chassis stampings on the steel work near the hitch. 

Consider fitting immobilisers or tracking devices to your more valuable vehicles or plant.

Even getting your tractor ignition switch changed so that a unique key fits instead of the standard tractor key that most thieves carry. (or normally find in the ignition anyway) 

Park your vehicles in a way that they can block more vulnerable items from easily removal. 

All or some of the above are easily achievable and will go a long way to make your farm more secure and also much safer.