Garden Shed Security


We supply & fit Shed and Out Building Alarms. Sheds hold valuable equipment and need protection. We can survey your property and advise you accordingly.

Fit a good Door Bolt on your shed and be sure to fit it with proper wood bolts that cannot be removed from outside.


Make sure that the padlock you select is “Closed Shackle”, this way it will be better protected from attack.

Consider bolting a Shed Shackle to your wall. Shed Shackle is ideal for sheds and cost £47 inc vat. This can be used to chain your valuables to and keep any securing chains off the ground so that they are less prone to attack.  The Shed Shackle has a unique fixing that makes unscrewing very difficult.

Remember: A chain raised off the ground is harder to cut.


When the Shed Shackle is used along with Security Chains and Closed Shackle Padlock, this should make the items in your shed very secure but remember it is best to try and stop entry into the shed with good door locks and fixings as well as secure windows. 



We also supply Wireless Alarms that fully protect your shed or outbuilding.