Security Chains

Security Chains

We stock and supply HIGH SECURITY CHAINS in a variety of chain link sizes, 11mm, 13mm, 16mm and 19mm and lengths such as 800mm to 4 metres long.

Special Offer:

FREE DELIVERY in N. Ireland for the SHED SHACKLE and a 13mm or 16mm x 2 metre Protector Chain.

Price examples:

1 metre x 11mm: £35 inc. vat.     2 metre x 11mm: £59 inc. vat.

1 metre x 13mm : £49 inc. vat.    2 metre x 13mm: £79 inc. vat.

1 metre x 16mm: £83 inc. vat.    2 metre x 16mm: £115 inc. vat.

1 metre x 19mm: £85 inc. vat     2 metre x 19mm: £145 inc. vat.

The 16mm and 19mm High Security boron steel chain are basically impossible to bolt-crop by hand.

SOLD SECURE approved, SECURED by DESIGN… A must to beat the thief!

A Quality British Product manufactured by Pragmasis Ltd. and supplied in N. Ireland by North West Locks.


Consider fitting the SHED SHACKLE or the TORC GROUND / FLOOR ANCHOR along with your HIGH SECURITY CHAIN.

The SHED SHACKLE costs: £50 including vat.

The TORC FLOOR / WALL ANCHOR costs: £65 including vat.

Please watch the following videos on our range of chains and pick up a few tips on using them most effectively…