Safe / Panic Rooms


A Safe Room, also known as a Panic or Sanctuary Room, is a pre-prepared location in your property that gives you a fast and effective way to protection in the event of a burglary, home intrusion, or personal attack.

Your Panic Room will be a safe haven and protection against kidnapping, criminal or even terrorist assault – buying you invaluable time before rescue arrives.

It can be a simple, small room ( even an existing toilet ) with a reinforced lockable door and peep hole, preferably opening outwards and equipped with essentials inside such as:

  • a dedicated on charge and ready mobile telephone for an emergency,
  • first aid kit,
  • back up medicine / tablets if required,
  • and also advisable:
  • fresh water,
  • loud battery siren to an outside sounder, attack spray,
  • fire extinguisher, fire blanket & smoke detector,
  • window protection ( like sliding rails ) and escape ladder if required,
  • rechargeable torch or battery lighting, blankets,
  • a safe,
  • basic monitoring camera preferably recording both pictures and sound,
  • portable chemical toilet ( like in a caravan ),
  • pen and paper,
  • toys for children if required,

In some cases it may be advisable to reinforce the ceiling, also floors and walls if they are not of solid construction.

If you are at risk of robbery, attack by violence, even domestic violence it is worth your while to investigate setting up a safe room with some or all of the above features.

In some cases a grant may be available for the provision of a sanctuary room.