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Bike Theft

This is a new page on the subject of Bicycle Security.

The first thing that you should do is to register your bike “free of charge” on the national register by using the following link:

Make sure that you have a note of the frame number, usually found on the bottom of your bike frame so you may have to turn it up side down. Registering is a 5 minute job online and do not forget to print off your log book. You can register all the bikes that are in your home under the same account. Take digital pictures for your own records. Note everything about your bike such as colour, wheel size and any names and models on it.

If you are offered a second hand bike then the serial number can be checked on this website as well, a good idea just incase it has been reported stolen.

If your bike has been stolen then get report the theft to the Police as well as logging on again and registering the theft.

Bikes should be protected from theft when they are parked up anywhere, even in your garage or home.

Bike locks come in a variety of types. From cable locks to chains with hardened finish.

We stock and supply Pragmasis Chains, a British Made product, hardened chains in a range of lengths and gauges with complimentary quality padlocks.

See our link:

If you require any further information on bike registering or marking for your bike or want to have a club or school group arrange marking please contact us for the relevant information.

E-mail us on or telephone us on Strabane 028 7138 2017.