SelectaDNA Marking

selectdna microdots

SelectaDNA is now available in Northern & Southern Ireland through North West Locks.

Domestic kits are priced around £50 inc. vat and this size of kit will mark 50 items that you can easily mark yourself. Commercial kits that will mark 100 items are costed at £120 including vat.

SelectaDNA  has microdots contained in the glue like liquid. On discovery of this marking under uv light, Police can quickly identify the ownership of the goods on a 24/7  basis 365 days a year as it is linked to the central database.

Owners can log online and adjust their owners record in cases such as:  an item is stolen / recovered or for instance simply sold on.

The markings are invisible but can be seen under uv light and then enlarged under a microscope to see the actual SelectDNA reference as seen in our feature image. The DNA kit number is visible which will lead Police to the rightful owner and details of when and where the goods were stolen. This can very easily link the person in possession of the goods to the crime or crime scene.

The SelectaDNA in the above kits are designed to mark personal possessions etc.  SELECTADNA is also available in GREASE form ( for outdoor use ) and GEL form ( for indoor use ). Once the thief comes in contact then they are marked and this shows up under UV light linking them to the goods and address where the solution applied.

SelectaDNA Grease has been specially designed to protect outdoor materials such as lead roofing and copper piping, which are particularly vulnerable to theft.

Grease & Gel are available in the following sizes: 50 grammes @ £143 inc vat, 100 grammes @ £230 inc vat, 200 grammes @ £335 inc vat.

Example: 100 grammes of grease will allow the following coverage: 500 markings # 2 inches x 1 inch in size. ( 50mm x 25mm )

If a thief handles marked goods, SelectaDNA Grease instantly transfers onto his or her hands and clothing. The Police can then scan suspects with UV detection equipment to locate traces of the substance.

The grey Grease is almost impossible to remove and the unique DNA code irrefutably links the perpetrator to the crime scene.

100g of the Grease will mark approximately 25 linear metres using the 3cm wide paintbrush supplied in the kits… simply speaking 100 grammes will allow you to apply 328 # 3 inch x 1 inch markings of the solution.

The coverage above is based on normal operating temperatures of 18-22c. It is not recommended that the product is applied to frozen surfaces or during very cold temperatures.

Please call us and request a demonstration of this very valuable crime fighter.

To Register your items, click on to:

You then key in your Kit Code and Kit Pin. Then simply record your personal details and after that you have the option to record each item individually or record multiple items on to Excel.

The file will need to be in the following format:

Item, Item Category, Value, Currency, Description, Make, Model, Serial No., Colour, Size, Age, Weight, Distinguishing Marks

Each field needs to be separated by a comma and each item needs to be on a new line. You can find the available ‘Item Categories’ by clicking ‘Register Property’ and viewing the dropdown list.

There are two simple ways to create the file.

  • Create the file in excel, putting each field in a new column and each item on a new row. When you are happy with the file, save the file as CSV (Comma delimited). This will automatically put the file in the correct format for uploading.
  • Use a text editor such as notepad and type each field separated by a comma and each item on a new line. When you are happy you have added all of your marked items, save the file with the extension ‘.csv’. This will then be ready to upload.
  • We have provided you with a sample file, that may be downloaded
    here Sample Excel CSV (please right click and save file as)

Please note that the first line will be ignored as it is expected to contain the field titles.

Thank you for purchasing SelectDNA.