Every home should have a safe. Safes are not expensive and if you are unfortunate enough to have a break in to your home, a safe that is properly fitted can protect money and other valuables such as policies, passports, jewellery and things of value.

Safes are not expensive. We have basic key or digital safes starting from as little as £40. These are standard safes but still give peace of mind.

Consider what you want to put into your safe. Money, Valuables, Jewellery, Documents.

Do you need a Fire Safe, an Under Floor Safe or a traditional Stand Up Safe? Do you prefer keyed, electronic or combination.

We can also advise on where to position your safe and fit it if required.

If you get a safe… SECURE IT WITH THE CORRECT FIXINGS!… Just ask for our advice.

Use fixings such as:

Rawlbolts or Thunderbolts.